Thursday, June 11, 2009

Steph's West Side Story June 5, 09

The Bows at the End. Maria and Tony. Steph and ...?
Grammy, Steph, and I outside after the show!
Uncle John, Grammy, Uncle Rob, and Steph after the show

A better picture of Maria and Tony

I think Fluffy was the best part of the play, but I am a little partial! tee hee hee....

I can not even describe the singing voice that came out of my little cousin. Hard to believe that she is so grown up.

Look How BEAUTIFUL she looks. I am so proud of her! She was Amaizing!

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  1. Hi Sasha, This is Claudette, your Grammy's best friend from NJ. I am thrilled to see these pictures as your Grammy and I spoke on the phone just yesterday, for her birthday, and we talked about Stephanie and how fantastic she was in the show. It's just thrilling for me to see the pictures of all of you. I frequently check your Mom's and sister's blogs to keep up-to-date about the family. Jenna's blog was updated two days ago so I am in the loop right now. After seeing your Mom's blog, I decided I'd start my own blog, as opposed to Facebook. Anyway, I thought I had it started but, can't find it. Sooo, I guess I'll have to start over.
    I was saying to your Grammy that I remember when you were born. Now you're 23. Can't believe it! Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your and your family's blogs. Maybe I'll post one up, soon I hope. Thanks so much for postin the pictures. It makes me homesick for CA and seeing all of you but I can at least feel a part of your lives via the blog. Love you and God Bless!