Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kimmy's B-day Disneyland Trip 4-09

Kimmy, Cristina, and I went to Disneyland one Friday in April for kim's B-day. It was just like old High School times running around the park like little kids! We went on almost every single was GREAT!

This was actually the last picture of the night! Still smiling but we are all sitting down ha ha ha...

Cristina did not go one because she didn't want to puke, so she was the photographer! Kim and I were the Fastest spinners of all...and we had the most fun doing it!

FUERTE....that is Strong in Espanol.

hmmmmmm what's behind this door??? Tee hee hee....
Remember we had a sibling picture like this way back in the 80's. that's kind of why I made them take this!

You can do it Kimmy!

We were on Mr. Toads Wild Ride...we missed the whole ride because we were taking pictures and being silly the whole time!!

I found Kim!

"TOON XING" Who are those Goony Toons!

This was tward the end of the night we were a little punchy! LOL...

Me and the Birthday Girl on Thunder Mountain!

Cristina and I are on a ride.....not sure think it was Bobsled!

This is us girls on Thunder Mountain!

That guy on the left (the worker) behind Cristina totally grazed her boob when he was pulling on the belt LOL!!

Goofing around in Toon Town!

At the end of the night we made our way to the Tram and we were all super tired our legs were killing us and we all needed our beds....and then Cristina noticed that she lost her phone. We turned back around and went back into the park. We walked all the way to the other side just for them to tell us to go to Main Street. We did and "THANK THE LORD" the guy brought out the phone! At this point it was 11:45pm and we were all going to curl up and fall asleep on Main St. Kim and Cristina dropped me off at home and still had to drive all the way home to San Diego..... That's not all Poor little Kimmy had a Wedding that next afternoon.

The End! LOL!

~**True story**~

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