Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raging Waters

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Well, My boss Ron never had a Christmas Party/Dinner for make up for it Yesterday he took the whole office to Raging Waters and rented a Cabana to hang out in. We closed down the Office for the day and had some fun! We all drove in 1 car it was Great. All together there were 9 of us (including Ron's son and Wife) We ran around the whole Park and had A LOT of fun. I bought a disposable underwater camera, so those pictures still need to be developed. *~(comming soon)~* I did manage to take a few pictures with my didgital Camera. Here they are.....

This is the girls of the office minus Eloise. She decided not to go.
Eddie and Nikki in the Cabana....Eddie Open the eyes!
Nicole, Me, Korey, Leslie The girls again and on the left Party pooper Eddie!
Steve and I 1 of the 3 guys that work with me.
Another one of the girls this one didn't turn out so good...LOL
....and Today back to work, BUT tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!

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  1. That is the coolest idea for an office party! Kudos to Ron. It looks like so much fun and beats the stuffy old office any day!