Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Izzy and I

Me and My Izzy. Here is just a little bit about Izzy and I sinca a lot of you are out of the Loop on us. He is funny and he makes me Laugh. At first he is a little shy until he gets to know you. We love watching the Lakers together and try to go running even though we usually find more fun things to do...LOL! We enjoy playing pool and he is still teaching me how to beat him because he is way better than me! He taught me how to play chess and we play against one another on our Iphones! Got to love technology. The IPhone has an application you can download and play against your friends. I rarely beat him. :-( sometimes he lets me win... or plays "easy on me" so I can win. He is constantly helping me with my Espanol! Well that is all for now! . Best be off! Love you all!


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