Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner @ the Beach

On Tuesday Aunt Shell Text me asking me what I was doing that night. I was working till 7pm that day. To make a long story short I told her I wouldn't make it in time.....I decided last minute to change out of my work clothes and Hall BOOOOTY over to Torrance beach on my Bike! (yes, Sasha has a bike now!) I did not tell them that I was comming...tee hee hee.... I walked up and Stephanie screams out "Sashy"
It was Autn Shell, Steph, Chad, and Steph's friend and friends mom. They gave me cold food and water it was awesome! We were right down the street from Jeremy so I called him and he came down for a little while. He froze his booty off cause he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
Here are a few pix I took with my IPhone!
Fluffy and I trying to look all
Chad ~ Jer ~ Me silly chad!
Jer and I trying to keep warm
Such a great way to end a long day!

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