Friday, June 26, 2009

My Grammy and I

I love my Grammy oh so much! I just felt like posting a Blog so I found a picture of my Grammy and I and stuck it in here!

This picture was taken at Sienna's little Birhtday party we had ealrier this year.

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  1. Sasha, I am so thrilled to see this picture of you and my Best Friend, your grammy. I am going to print it out so I'll have another current picture. And, your pictures on Torrance Beach make me soooo homesick. I want to go to CA soooo badly. Stephanie and Chad have grown so much since I last saw them which was Labor Day weekend, 2001. I enjoy your posts and love that you publish them almost daily. It's great to have an insight into my family in CA. Love You! Keep up the good work. Your Grammy's Best Friend.