Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vegas blog#2 Meeting up with Kimmy and Alison

When we first got to the Hotel just about everyone that was already there met us in the Lobby to walk us to our room. We went to our room and it sucked! It was tiny and Poopy. Our friend called pretending to be me and they told us to come back down to switch rooms. We did and room # 2 was a lot better!! We had some drinks and walked down to the pools. The guys couldn't get into Wet Republic to find our other friends because they were wearing Jeans, but the girls could.... :-) so Kimmy, Alsion and I went in and these are the pix. Later we met up with the rest of our crew at Rouge Bar...it was alll red. This is where I parted with Kim and Alison. By the way Alison is Kim's friend from San Diego I had just met her and she is super cool! Here are the pix from this portion of the trip.
Izzy getting all comfortable in the hotel room!

Kimmy and I before we found my friends.

Alison, Kimmy and I

The Girlys

Denise and I stike a Pose! That's Jerri laying down (Desnise's Boyfriend)

Charlie Denise and I at Wet Republic Saturday.

Alison~Izzy the Birthday Boy~Me~Kimmy

At the Rouge bar @ MGM before our Good Byes
Me giving Kimmy a Hug Goodbye!!

...more to come!

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