Monday, August 31, 2009

On The Way to Vegas...

~Izzy ane I decided about 2 or 3 months ago to go to Vegas for his Birthday. Well after lots of excitement and waiting the tima finally came. We left Saturday 8-22-09 @10:00am and flew home Tuesday 8-25-09 @ about 6:30pm

~I decided since I took sooooo many pictures that I would spreaed out the trip with lots of posts..... tee hee hee......

~This was the start of our trip. We drove to Long Beach to our friends house and on the road we were to Sin City. I was a pretty quick drive over there.
Izzy and I before hitting the road......YEAY!

Dirk our aka Janina's Boyfriend

Janina in the front seat on the road!

Izzy and I all cuddled up in the back seat.

LOL.....hey I'm just in the picture Izzy took it...

Then we stopped at the Outlets bought nothing chowed own on some Carls Jr. and made our way through the rain to Vegas....
*Check back more to come!


  1. Never mind don't answer that! ! !

  2. That sounds like fun! Vegas is always a good thing. Too bad it's been about 7 years for me. We'll have to meet up out there sometime!