Monday, August 17, 2009

Uncle Rory's Music Video

Sunday afternoon Uncle Rory was filming his music video in L.A. and needed a couple of All-Amercian white people....who else but his family! lol..... Aunt Neen drove Dani, Patrick, Steph, Sienna, and I to the studio. It was kinda cool getting to see it done.

~*Pretty much we held candles in a group behind Uncle Rory singing with this other guy(well known singer from Iran). They then did a close us of Steph and Sienna lighting eachothers candles. Then a close up of me looking at a candle then up at the camera.

~*Here are some pictures. I will add the ones from my camera later, these are just from my Iphone!*~

Steph and Sienna while doing their close up for the camera.
Having fun in the "getting ready room" lol GLAM SHOTS

Sillyness~now I call this creative photography! Steph~Me~Sienna~Patrick

Sienna in deep thought

King Patrick on his thron...

What else do you expect from me...ha ha ha...

My close up with the candle.
More fun in between shotting!!
All of us Extra's and the 2 singers... LOL!

My pretty pretty picture! I love that couch!

Sienna's Pretty pretty picture!

All of us before we started filming and befoer Dani had to leave.


  1. What a fun time to share and cannot believe the cousin family resemblence.

  2. That was so much fun even though my hand got burnt off.