Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vegas Blog#4 Wet Republic

Sunday we woke up at about 9am and got ready for the Ultimate Pool Party..... it is at the MGM Pool. Izzy and I walked over there with 1 of our friends. On our way to the pool we get a flyer saying that DJ Mark Night is spinning THAT DAY! This guy is amaizing!!! We had a great time by the mid afternoon I think we had about 25 people in our group, a lot of them I did not know because they were Janina's friends. I can't express how much fun we had. Here are some pictures. I can't post them all because there are just too many but these are the best!

Izzy and I before the madness began .... Wet Republic from where we were sitting in the shade

Dirk and I with our Elbow started with the shoulder dance.

Just about all of those people in that clump are in our party!
Izzy and I taking a break from dancing for a picture!~

Denise and I

Leslie and I

Some of the Ladies ~ Denise*Leslie*Janina*Sasha

Trying to cool off in the pool

Some Random Guy that wanted to take a picture with Denise and I

Kissy Kissy! Denise * Charlie * Sasha (Me)
Dirk (Janina's Boyfriend) and I LOL....we thought he was kidding until he stripped down to that!

DJ Mark Night!

Me~Izzy~ Some random girl that kept doing hand stands ~ Charlie

Only in Vegas...Right? LOL.... I told him we were twins and so we had to take a picture!

...I think there are a few more Vegas Posts and that will wrap up the trip!

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