Monday, November 8, 2010

10-10-10 Hermosa Triathalon Relay Style

The Begining....
...The End!
The Hermosa Triathalon! My co-Workers Eddie, Nicole, and I did the RELAY Hermosa Triathalon. Nicole Swam, Eddie Biked, and I ran. It was a really interesting experience. I had a great time doing it! My time running was (3 miles) 30mins and 20sec. our total time for Team Torrance PT was 1hour 22mins and 27seconds. I was SOOOOO happy because I thought i would be more like 40 mins! lol. Well here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

This was the three of us before the madness started! Nicole, Me (Sasha), and Eddie

Izzy woke up early (if you know him you know that NEVER happens) just to come and support me. What a sweet boyfriend!

The starting line...aka MADNESS I TELL YOU!

The Mandatory meeting where I pretty much hear nothing they said! Good times!

Me and Nikki awaiting the arrival of Eddie, so I could take a chip and run!
Me nervously looking for Eddie! Yes mother I had to pee! ha ha ha

Off I go!

This is when I noticed that the last 20 meters were on the Sand....I mean seriously what idiot thought of ending a Triathalon in the sand. I would really like to talk to them!!!

So this is how the end of a competitive 3 mile race is! UGH!!! HELL!

We were all sponsored by Torrance Physical Therapy!
LOL...This is our Muscle picture! "WE DID IT!"
My Stinky faces and Audra came after the race and we hung out the rest of the day!

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