Friday, July 3, 2009

Club Cinaspin for Liz's Birthday

On Saturday night last weekend Izzy and a bunch of our friends went to Cinaspin for Liz's birthday. It was actually a really fun night. We got bottle service and had a VIp area with a table. One of our friends is a DJ and he was mixing that night. From the pictures below you can see the music was off the hook....tee hee hee! This was after I burned really bad at the beach (same day) LOL you can kind of see it in the pictures. The Pictures below were taken y one og the photographers they have walking around.

This is Izzy and I when we first got to the VIP Area.

What you see here is my back and Issa in the blue. The guy on the right is Issa's boyfriend/Izzy's Best Friend Chris.

We were just bouncing off the the left of the picture is where ChrisTen the DJ (Izzy and My Friend)

Lol....I think this picture is great! ha ha ha...

This is the whole crew. From right to Left: Chris, Issa, Javi, Charlos (aka Charlie), Liz (birthday Gilr), Me, and Izzy.
~*That's all Folks*~

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