Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

This weekend was a very unplanned weekend. I spent Friday with Kacey McManus we went to the beach....came back to my house b/c it was FREEEZING...went back to the beach and then called it a day because it was just tooooo cold. Saturday Kimmy Painter and I went to have a nice Brunch at Panera and then laid out by the pool. Later I went to Izzy's house and ate again. That night Izzy and I tried to get Hermosa and had a nightmare of an experience with the Yellow Taxi company! They said it would be 35 to 40 mins. We waited 2 hours and I called them at least 5 times withen that time and every time they said it would be 5-10 mins. Then when the Taxi driver finally came he was a jerk and I thought we were going to die...he should not have his license that's for sure! We finally got there well after 9pm and we missed the fireworks..... :-( Not cool crappy Taxi driver! The rest of the night was pretty cool. I ran into an old friend from High School and one of the patients from work. Saturday I pretty much slept in till I couldn't anymore and then went to Hunnington Beach with Iz and we had a very nice time just walking around.
...And I can't forget......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!!!!! (well Yesterday)

Kimmy and I ready for a nap after eating....Food Coma!

Hunnington Beach, Windy, but nice!

Kinda Blurry...still cute!

Izzy Me Charlie at The Lighthouse

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