Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Wkend 2010/ Brianna's Graduation

Can we say Girls ROAD TRIP! This is how my weekend started! It was really fun! My 2 good friends Whitney and Danielle drove out to Arizona for some time away from the City life and joined up with my family out in Queen Creek. My big sis Bree was graduating and I told her I was not going.....tee hee hee......A few hours before her Graduation I walked in the house asking if I could have a ride to her Grad. LOL her face was priceless! The weekend was filled with late nights, games, fun, lots of laughter, and a lot of memories!!!! Not to mention A LOT OF PICTURES.....and Video's!!! Tee hee hee.... some of them, don't ask. ha ha ha

This is how we began our the car . Whitney ~ Me ~ Danielle
I got kisses from my stinky face after 3 weeks of not living with her.
This is how we said goodbye....with this picture!

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