Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Moon Weekend in Arizona

I surprised Sienna and flew her to Az for the midnight showing of New Moon! She had NO IDEA! We got to the airport and I said " ok get your bag" she was like "What" I said "get your bag we have to go".....ha ha it was great. I didn't tell her where or why. When we got to the gate she say Phoenix and new where we were going. Then Bree picked us up at the airport and we drove right over to the theatre. Then we were in the parking lot and I threw her her PJ's and boots and said change because we are going to the midnight showing of New Moon. LOL it was awesome!

When I was in Az Breezy and I went out to the clubs! tee hee was really cool because we NEVER get to do that together. We went to 2 different places Dirty Pretty and Drift. It was awesome! We met a lot of people that night. We danced the night away I lost my voice...and....I have some GREAT Pix!


I Woke her up to play when we got back to Mom's house after New was like 3:00am!

Bree Dancing with the Nose of the Statue's Head. That guy felt all left out.

Walking to the Theatre from the car.

The New Moon Crew! Jenna & Bry made us all Team _____shirts. Mine was Team Edward.

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